The Monthly Thread – November 2017

As we gear up for the official launch of Strings, here’s the inside scoop from the team, including feature updates, top Strings to check out and more. Let’s get into it ➰

Have We Met?

Being that this is our very first newsletter, let’s start with an introduction.

Strings lets you create interactive stories on any topic using any type of media (photos, video, commentary, GIFs, external links, etc). These ongoing stories, or “strings”, can be public, private between just you and friends, and they can also be collaborative, meaning you can invite others to contribute content to the Strings you create.

Likewise, you can discover, share and interact with other public strings on any topic. This means that your “feed” is fully customizable, and will only feature the stories you’re actually interested in.

The Latest News

App Store Launch

After months of building and planning, we’re about ready to launch Strings in the App Store. There’s more work to be done and many more features that we plan to add (more on that later), but we feel comfortable with the experience and performance, especially after testing the server – we’re running at 250 requests per second!

We expect to launch during the first week of November. In the meantime, you can request to join the beta version here.


With the upcoming launch, crafting our messaging and fine-tuning the voice of Strings has been a primary focus. First impressions are lasting ones, and we want to make sure that our presence in the App Store is polished, attractive and fully-optimized. Here’s are the key features that we want to communicate:

  • Publish ongoing stories on any topic, using any content
  • String together moments collaboratively with others
  • Contribute content to other public strings
  • Share your favorite strings inside the app, or externally
  • Discover strings on the topics that interest you most

The priority for marketing is curating the best possible content for Strings. Specifically, that means building a large-scale, incentivized ambassador program full of ambitious content creators, and establishing partnerships with micro-brands that are well-connected within their respective communities.

When we shift gears and focus on growth-hacking, there will be no shortage of incredible stories for them to discover.

Newest Features

Mentions – You can now mention friends in any moment you post, just like you would on other social platforms. Users will be notified when mentioned, drawing them back in the app to continue the conversation.

Facial Detection – Strings can now recognize faces and automatically reposition photos accordingly, so that the important elements of any photo are always front-and-center, no matter the layout.

Preview Pages – Sharing strings or moments on other social platforms has been made more seamless, as our content will now be presented on a “teaser” page, encouraging more and more people to download Strings for the full experience.

Repost – In addition to sharing outside of the app, you can now repost any string or moment inside the app, which will notify your followers that you have something interesting to share. You can also share moments from one string into another.

Markdown – Lastly, for launch, we’ll have a more sophisticated texting interface, which will allow you to stylize commentary using bold, italics, underline, etc.

Meet The Team

Time to get to know this handsome bunch. Meet the team behind the dream, and be sure to connect with us on Strings!


Edward – Founder

Edward’s vision is an inspiring one, and Strings is built upon it. In taking a “pursuit of experience” approach to life, he hopes to expand on this idea through Strings where connected experiences can happen with anyone, about anything.


Tim – Product Designer/Developer

The “Sous Chef” of Strings, Tim is a visionary product designer with over 10 years of full-stack engineering experience. He’s currently working on the web version of Strings.

Andrew – Marketing Manager

Andrew has a diverse digital marketing background and has been in the tech startup scene for the past five years. With Strings getting ready to launch in the App Store, he’s working to build content in the app for our awaiting consumers.

Mark – Software Engineer

Mark’s been a coder of everything since the Pascal days, and is responsible for several features that continue to level-up the Strings user experience, including the aforementioned facial detection feature.
Rick – Software Engineer

Rick has 20 years experience in software development, from cytogenetics to game development to iOS applications, and has made valuable contributions to the Strings user experience that you have today.


Coming Soon

Badges – The last time app badges actually meant anything to anyone? Q5, 2000-never. We’re changing that, with a brand new badge system that actually rewards users with meaningful, unlockable features that will differentiate their strings in unique ways.

Add-on Strings – Soon we’ll start rolling out a series of add-on strings that users can create for specific types of situations. For example, there will be a “journey” string that automatically tracks your trip and features an interactive map, highlighting the places you’ve visited along the way. Much more to come on this – stay tuned!

Be In The Know

Since you’re all new to Strings, we thought it would be useful to share some handy tips & tricks for you all. What better way than to share this through a string:

Strings Tips & Tricks 

This is a must-follow string, especially if you’re new to the app. There are always new tricks to learn, and it’s the best way to get a heads-up new features that we’re constantly rolling out.

Let’s Talk Soon

We’ll be sending these out on a monthly basis. In the meantime, Stay tuned for the big announcement when we launch Strings in the App Store next week! ➰