What Do Social Media Influencers Really Want?

Photo by Elijah O'Donell / Unsplash
By Edward Balassanian, CEO & Founder, Strings Media Inc.

Influencer marketing is growing quickly as brands realize the impact of leveraging an individual’s social media following to engage with their audience. It has become a promising tactic, with marketers relying on celebrities, industry leaders and other social media personalities to reach customers through voices they already know and trust.

A new study from ANA has found that 75% of marketers are using influencers as a marketing tool and many plan to increase spending up to 43% on it in the next 12 months. Then there’s the recent news about Equinox and SoulCycle launching a talent agency for fitness instructors, helping them develop social media personas and score large-scale sponsorship deals. These stats and the real-world example point to the growing popularity of influencer marketing and the need for more structured influencer programs.

While a popular fitness instructor can build up hype about workout gear, or a mommy blogger can give their opinion on a new car seat, there’s still a missing gap. Influencers experience challenges working with brands and companies, with no way to curate content for audience segments and no way to monetize their relationships. So, what are influencers looking for to overcome these challenges, and how can an app like Strings help them save time while making money?

Curation of Audiences
Influencers know the exact person they are targeting – whether it be the millennial in search of the best cycling classes in town or the new mom who needs help knowing what to buy her baby. Because of this, it’s important for influencers to build their own audience and customer base by inviting people to join the experience in a way that’s authentic to the topic they’re interested in. This helps create stronger and more meaningful relationships that are always relevant.

Control Over Content and Collaboration
It’s important for influencers to also be able to curate their content based on specific topics and the different areas they specialize in. Influencers want to bring people together in a meaningful way through common interests. By telling their story on their own terms, influencers can curate content that’s more engaging, even collaborative.

Control Over Monetization
Influencers drive trends and preferences across millions of users – just like advertising agencies. Because of this, it’s important that their talent and time is easily monetized, with each post providing its own monetization opportunity. They should be able to grow their network and support themselves in a way that saves time and also provides income.

Let’s String Along Together
Strings is leading the way towards content-centric social media, allowing influencers to curate and control their audience, the content that they’re sharing and the way they’re monetized. Influencers want a way to streamline what they do and have an easy way to reach their goals. That’s why Strings has created a platform that makes it easy for influencers to save time and make money – all so they can focus on creating the content they love.

Strings is looking for content curators, community builders and story-makers to join the team. If you’re an influencer interested in learning more, please contact us at storymakers@strings.com.